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What are Transponder Keys?

Did you know?  We receive most of our referrals from other locksmiths when it comes to supplying automotive keys.

Transponder keys – most of us have one and probably don’t even know it.

The biggest change to the automotive industry in recent times has been the introduction of the built-in immobiliser system on all cars manufactured since 1995 (late ’94 in some cases). This involves placing a microchip in the head of the key, which is a miniature transmitter and receiver.

 There is an engine management system in the engine compartment that can recognise the signals transmitted from the key. If the correct signals are not detected the engine will not start.

Can we copy all transponders?  

No, but OVER 62% of cars on the road today have fixed code transponder keys which we can copy.

  We can read the information in the key. From this we can identify the type of transponder. This allows us to clone the key which is an identical copy of the original. 

We can interrogate the chip in the ECU or immobilizer module. This gives us the ability to modify the data on the chip and to suit the new key transponder.

 With on-board programming we are able to introduce the new security code to the cars computer via the key.

Transponder keys come in various forms, it is impossible to detect with the eye, therefore a tester is required. 

In all, we are able to clone or supply keys to atleast 32 makes and most models of cars, 6 makes of trucks and 8 makes of motor bikes.

 The basic information we require when supplying a Transponder key is the Make / model / year and in some case the build date.

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